Why You Should Use Longspan Shelving for Your Warehouse Storage

Worker at a warehouseIf you want to maximise the storage space in your warehouse and at the same time, ensure that your boxes of goods are safe and secure, longspan shelving might be for you.

Longspan shelving is a customisable and cost-effective storage system that allows you to access your products quickly. It gives you easy access to your goods, whether for placement or removal from the shelves. Here are some of the benefits of using longspan shelving for your warehouse storage.

It has an adjustable height

Majority of longspan shelving systems do not have bolted joints. Instead of bolts, they are co-joined using rivets and pins to make them easily adjustable. So regardless of the height of your warehouse, you will still find a customised shelf that will fit your available space.

It is versatile

Longspan shelving is flexible to accommodate a wide range of merchandise – from the largest boxes in your warehouse to the smallest products that you have on your list. You can customise the shelving to match the weight and size of your products for a more cost-effective storage space. 

It is easy to clean

Longspan shelving is easy to clean and sanitise, guaranteeing that any product you store there is safe for your consumers

It is compatible with your other equipment

Longspan shelving can be integrated with the equipment that you use when taking your goods to different tiers. This will help you move goods with ease, whether you are using freight lifts or vertical reciprocating conveyors.

The durability, versatility and reusability of your longspan shelving play huge roles in your warehouse storage. For you to get it right, get a contractor who knows how to incorporate the right configurations and ensure that your space becomes more usable and more organised.

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