Why Salt Lake City Residents Need to Save Water

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The Salt Lake City government announced a five-stage conservation program ahead of a possible shortage of water supply in the city. The contingency plan’s introduction came as the state conducts more extensive research on the feasibility of better wastewater treatment regulations.

This would then require additional investments in tools and resources such as filter underdrains, which you can get from firms such as Ashton Tucker Water Treatment.

Public Participation

Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski said that the city’s conservation plan would start by informing households about as soon as concrete data confirms a shortfall of supply. Under the first stage, residents should observe simple steps to avoid wasting water.

Some of these habits include repairs for sprinkler systems. Likewise, households need to adjust controls based on the weather and season, particularly during rainy days. This also applies to leaky faucets at home. Prompt repairs for these water fixtures would not only save water but also reduce utility bills.

Finding a Solution

A potential water shortage in Utah reflects a greater need to find new sources of potable water, especially as the population continues to grow in the state. In Wasatch Front, the rising number of people prompted the Utah Division of Water Quality to consider adding new quality standards for wastewater treatment.

Several studies have already looked into this such as a $1.5 million Utah Lake study and The Wasatch Front Water Quality Council’s up to $1 million budget for research projects at the lake, as well as the Jordan River and the Farmington Bay in the Great Salt Lake.

Still, adding more quality standards would mean higher rates for consumers, which then requires a more thorough investigation if new regulations are worth the extra cost.

Whether or not you live in Salt Lake City, there is no doubt that water conservation remains an important subject today. How does your city conserve water?

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