Wedding Ideas: Turn Trends Into Your Own Unique Expression

Posted on by Ted Wideman

Wedding IdeasAll couples want their weddings to speak volumes about who they are. In this way, it provides a meaningful beginning to their married life. But if you’ve no idea how to express what’s on your mind, you can always find sources for inspiration.

What’s Been Done

Easiest to access are wedding trends that are posted online. Be their inspirations from celebrity weddings or extra creative couples, wedding trends provide a wealth of ideas that may not have occurred to you. Even wedding suppliers can occasionally be surprised by what their clients have asked of them. In turn, these collaborations with wedding suppliers produce the most incredible and memorable results.

Start Something New

It’s not impossible. After all, taking inspiration from something you’ve seen is just the beginning. You can just as easily combine your inspirations to make them your own unique creation.

Travel the World

Just because you live in the UK doesn’t mean you have to stick to local trends. Globalisation means many things have been adopted and adapted by people around the world. For weddings, this can mean specific cultural practices that you don’t have to follow, but may be able to find local counterparts for. The Chinese tea ceremony, for example, can be adapted to be an hour or two that the couple spends in private with their parents before going to the reception.

Make It Personal

No matter where you take inspiration from, never forget that it’s your day. Especially if your inspirations are from outside the UK, create something that represents you. Did you find a ring design that you’d like to replicate? Find a jeweller like JewelCast Ltd that provides jewellery casting services to create custom wedding bands. If your entourage is composed of food lovers, why not gift them with food from a place you visited as a couple?

Full Circle

Don’t forget the family and friends surrounding you. Use your inspirations to draw them into your story and share what you love and have come to love about each other. Allowing them a glimpse of who you are as a couple is the best way you can mark the day as uniquely yours.

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