Websites That Give Practical Tips on Creating Viral Content

Posted on by Max Altizer

content writingIn today’s Internet marketing, nothing provides more exposure than viral content. Thanks to the net’s interconnected nature, users can easily share the content on social media, other websites, blogs, forums and many more. It’s quite complicated to discuss the mesh that connects Internet users to each other, but know that even the most obscure albeit fascinating articles gain popularity, just because someone cared enough to share it to a network of friends and followers.

The abundance of content in these websites provides references on how to market different products. By browsing them, it’s likely you’ll find the right blend of humour, interesting facts and a little bit of controversy that make a viral content.

Here are three sites that may very well provide the blueprint on market behaviour, according to Alyka:

1.    Buzzfeed

The most user-friendly of all viral content sources, the content of this website ranges from news and opinions to lists and infographics. Everything is compartmentalised, meaning that each article is about a certain subject. When you want to make a viral content containing several information, it’s best to review the posts that get the most views or feedback.

2.    Imgur

When it comes to simplicity of navigation, it doesn’t get any straightforward than Imgur. Once on their home page, a user has to click on an image and use the number pad and arrows to use the website’s features. Most of the image-based viral content originates from here and it’s not just content that go viral; the comments are propelled to fame through up votes.

3.    Reddit

This one-stop-shop for everything is where all viral content mingle. There are so many subreddits that they cover almost all topics of discussion, from politics, fitness and current events to weirder subjects such as morbid reality, futurology and trolling. Try reading on some of the most famous Reddit posts and know how variations of content gain popularity.

Viral content can spread so fast and so far. There’s a good chance that the image or list that you saw or read on a remote website has been altered a few times already. In all likelihood, it appeared on these portals where most Internet users hang out.

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