Vegan Talk: Giving up Meat for Greens


vegetablesBecoming a vegetarian is one of the toughest processes people can decide to be a part of. It involves strict discipline and commitment, which can be hard considering humans are naturally meat eaters. Today many people have turned vegetarian due to the different health benefits people claim that come with such doing.

Once you give up meat in exchange for other sources of protein, it is important to know what is best for you. Check out these food items that will assist in your transformation from a meat eater into a vegan o semi-vegan.

Fruits and Vegetables

One of the most obvious moves when turning into a vegan is eating fruits and vegetables. Many people consider fruits as a natural dessert. It is probably the most flavourful food, which comes from Mother Nature. Vegetables on the other hand are the best source vitamins, which does wonderful things to the human body. As you may need to stock such produce in your pantry, it will be a good idea to purchase organic fruits and vegetables wholesale.


Tofu is by far the best alternative to meat simply because it is low-priced, delicious, and it has a texture that is closest to animal tissue. It is a versatile ingredient. It works well in soups; people can enjoy it as a snack; it can even become a full fledge meal by itself.

Grains, which are high in Protein

Many vegans incorporate different kinds of grains in their meal plan. One of the most popular ones is quinoa. This particular grain is somehow similar to rice. It also has a very similar way of preparation. Another type of grain that packs a major punch in the protein department is Amaranth. Such grain has the highest amount of protein per gram as one full serving entails 9 grams of pure protein.

Eliminating meat from your diet can help cleanse your system. Take note of these and you are likely to have an easier transition.

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