Top IT Careers for Network+ Certified Professionals

Student in a certification courseBoosting your career in the field of information technology could be achieved easily with the help of a CompTIA Network+ certification. With the demand for network engineers and technicians growing, the need to gain a certification cannot be ignored.

Citing data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, CompTIA noted the immense growth in the network and computer systems field on its landing page for Network+. The website also added that 53 percent of businesses in the United States have observed exhibited better performance from certified professionals as compared to non-certified personnel.

In case you are considering to transition into the IT field, or are simply interested in beefing up your resume, you can start with a Network + practice test then, later on, get a certification. This certification can allow you to land the following roles in companies.

Help Desk Support

A help desk support technician is an invaluable member of any company as they troubleshoot network errors and assist coworkers when it comes to a wide variety of technological issues. Typically, their job has something to do with installing software such as a Microsoft or Linux operating system, although they can also facilitate the on boarding of a new employee, help them in connecting their devices to the network, and supply them various levels of access to hardware and online assets.

Network Engineer or Designer

A network engineer or designer is responsible for coming up with the architecture of the network infrastructure of a company. This means that they plan everything from connecting each computer to the server, as well as creating the security protocols and types of access that will be implemented for various kinds of users. According to PayScale, the salary of network engineers or designers average $70,147 annually.

Systems Administrator

A systems’ administrator is in charge of ensuring that the company’s computer systems, hardware, and software are functioning as they should. Their focus is on performing system maintenance checks, upgrading software and hardware tools, and providing tech support to colleagues.

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