Top 3 Uses of Glass Balustrades You Need to Try Right Now

Staircase With Glass Balustrade

Beachside and hilltop homes with glass walls have been featured in many publications and admired by outsiders for years. These homes seem out of place, but in a good way. They give off a sense of freshness and sophistication, so it isn’t surprising if you want to live in such glass houses.

If you live in the city or anywhere else that is neither a beachside nor a hilltop, a glass house seems like an unreachable dream. You have to think about your privacy. Moreover, are your surroundings worth looking at?

If you feel like glass walls are tough to install, you can try something else: glass balustrades. Like walls, balustrades serve as barriers in different parts of homes and buildings. You can choose from framed, partially framed, and frameless glass balustrade and there are ways in which you can improve your home’s aesthetics with these materials.

Deck Balustrading

A deck can be an extra living and dining area. It isn’t meant to have walls like other rooms in your house. In fact, it is unusual to see a barrier in indoor decks. Glass balustrades are ideal for outdoor decks, but you need to choose a design that matches your exterior. Glass balustrades are a good choice for roof decks, as well. They offer safety and create an illusion of extended space for your deck.

Staircase Framing

Compared to concrete balustrades and wood spindles, glass balustrades in your stairs are easier on the eyes. It doesn’t matter if your stairs only have a few steps. Glass balustrades can make them look elegant like those of glass-framed grand staircases. Another nice thing about these balustrades is the fact that they are easy to clean.

Poolside Fencing

Glass balustrades that serve as poolside fences work as safety barriers. Unlike traditional pool fencing materials, however, glass ones don’t block your view when you are in the pool. You might want to add some cap though to lessen the risk of your visitors running into them.

You can have the freshness and sophistication of glass through balustrades. This material is way more affordable than transforming your entire home into a glass house. You can have framed, partially framed and frameless glass balustrade in your decks, stairs and poolside after all.

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