The Growing Need for Dental Education in the UK

Posted on by Ted Wideman

Dental EducationThe people of this country do not agree on many things. Topics such as welfare, joining the EU, and whether the Welsh really are sheep shaggers are always up for debate. But, there are some things where every Brit can agree, which include Peter Capaldi being a national treasure, and our insecurity over our teeth.

Low Dental Care=Low Self Esteem

The idea of the latter was put to the test when a survey asked 2000 UK adults on their feelings about their teeth. Nearly a quarter of the respondents (23%) said they felt ashamed of their teeth, 40% said they would not show their teeth while smiling, and 41% said they would not show their teeth in photographs.

This is unfortunate, but it would be a barefaced lie to say that most of us did not have it coming. The same survey reveals that over half of the respondents admit to not brushing their teeth at least once a day. The only ones who seem to have any focus on their oral health are people over the age of 55, and most people are lucky to still have a complete set by that point in their lives.

Enamel Education

The survey is part of a larger research effort in the UK, but scientists conducting it were still shocked to see so many people not taking their oral health seriously. The lack of self-esteem that results from bad teeth is only one of the negative effects both the young and adult population of the UK face if nothing is done about dental education.

There are of course treatments and services from cosmetic dentists across the country that can help fix smiles, and improve a patient’s confidence. Education, however, is still a better option for ensuring dental health for patients of all ages. At least, the British Dental Association thinks that way and recently began calling for a new oral hygiene strategy to tackle this growing problem.

This only highlights the importance of efforts, such as the First Smiles initiative, and the creation of more programs with similar goals. Sure, there are probably geopolitical issues that need more attention right now. But, you only have two sets of teeth for your whole life; you can just elect a new government after you are done with it – Democracy.

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