The Gardener’s Guide to Keeping the Cats Happy and the Garden Healthy

Posted on by Antonia House

Group of KittensCats are adorable but sometimes they can also be a nuisance, especially to gardeners.

Some gardeners consider cats as a pain in the neck that must be kept away from their precious gardens. After all, some of these pets can dig up your newly-planted bulbs, attack butterflies or birds and even destroy prized flowers.

Despite these little mischiefs, the positives still outweigh the negatives. Your feline friends can also contribute to a healthier and flourishing garden. Simply create a garden space for them and watch your garden thrive before your very eyes.

How Your Cats Help the Garden

When they are not causing the trouble themselves, cats are great for keeping away unwanted visitors from your garden. These feline creatures scare mice, rats, voles and chipmunks, thereby encouraging your yard to thrive.

Cat urine is also elemental in the growth of your plants. Your cat’s pee contains high levels of nitrogen, which is a perfect fertiliser for your garden.

Your Cats Need a Garden Space

A special garden space complete with catnip, water and a place to sleep is what your cat needs to stay off the flower beds. Rather than paw on your plants, your cats will enjoy eating catnip and sleeping under the sun.

Choose a comfortable location for your cat. Since they enjoy the sun, locate their garden space under an area with full sun and add a bowl of water. Also, situate your special cat garden space away from your flowers and plants.

Cat-friendly Plants and Flowers

According to, online florists from Surrey, your garden’s greenery should be appropriate for your feline friends. Add plants such as catnip to provide your pet with garden pillows and toys. You can also plant scented germaniums (for cats to rub around the foliage) or tall ornamental grasses (for a perfect stalking ground).

You need not keep your cat away from your garden. By creating a special place for them, not only do you keep your feline happy, you also promote a healthier growth for your yard.

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