The Essential Safety-Awareness Shortlist for New Sprinter Owners

a man driving a carSafety is always the number one priority when it comes to driving, no matter the distance you plan to travel. Prior care and checking are essential before riding your Sprinter to make sure you and your passengers make it safely to your destination.

Here are some pointers on what needs to be inspected before hitting the road.


Many road accidents are caused by faulty brakes, so make it a habit to check those and make sure they work before you even open your garage door. Don’t forget to inspect the handbrakes as well, along with your supply of brake fluid. Make sure you have enough and bring an extra bottle just in case it’s needed.


Check if all your tires have enough air or see if there are holes or abrasions that may compromise the tire’s quality. A flat tire is a safety risk since your car won’t be able to run properly and could cause an accident. What’s worse is if your tires explode while in the middle of a fast run. It also helps to have your van’s tires regularly aligned at any official Sprinter repair center in Salt Lake City.

Signal lights

Speaking of safety, your Sprinter’s headlights are essential when you drive at night or on dark streets. Your van’s lights also signal other drivers if you’re about to make a turn or planning to slow down. Inspect your battery and make sure they work properly so your lights’ power supply is constant. Also, don’t forget to check the lights themselves if there are any bulbs or glass covers that need to be replaced.

Vehicle safety may draw the line between life and death. You may need to develop a routine of regular checkups either by yourself or by experts. Spending some money on maintenance is a worthy investment since you do intend to prolong your vehicle’s lifespan. Just remember that Sprinter service personnel can also provide help and advice on how you can make your van last a long time.

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