The Different Kinds of Steel Pipe Fittings and Their Uses

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Plumbing tools and suppliesFor several years, experts have always deemed steel as the most ideal material to make pipes, as well as, pipe fittings. The qualities of steel, including high resistance to heat, durability and high strength, are reasons it is perfect for both pipe and pipe fittings.

Carbon steel pipe suppliers mostly use it for industrial applications, but it is also applicable for domestic purposes, too. The following are the most common range of steel pipe fittings:

Galvanised Steel Pipe Fitting

Manufacturing galvanised steel pipe fitting involves a chemical process wherein they coat a zinc layer over steel. These types of pipes can highly resist corrosion, which is a quality that is perfect for the creation of pipe and its fittings.

The layer of zinc expands the lifespan of the fittings, and these are generally made from seamless forgings or tubes under particular standards.

Carbon Steel Pipe Fitting

Carbon steel is stronger and more durable than other kinds of steel, which is why it is an ideal material to manufacture pipe fittings. This iron-based metal uses carbon as the primary feature that is responsible for the strength and hardness of the steel.

It includes more carbon with fewer amounts of manganese and other materials. These are usually perfect for various construction applications.

Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

Stainless steel can resist corrosion and oxidation, especially when exposed to particular settings. This kind of steel is a ferrous alloy and comprises 10 per cent chromium. Contractors commonly use these for household pipelines. Manufacturers make pipe fittings, such as unions, elbows, and tees from stainless steel.

From galvanised steel to carbon steel pipe fitting, you will have more confidence in choosing depending on the purpose of your application. As long as you choose steel combined with other material, you will be able to take advantage of its durable and rust resistant properties.

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