The Benefits of Taking the CompTIA Security+ Practice Test

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Stethoscope on a laptopYou may be imagining working as an IT professional will open up many doors for you. You’re not wrong. The IT industry is growing very fast, and there’s a high demand for competent professionals.

You might think that taking a CompTIA Security+ practice test from CertBlaster and getting certification will land you in a high paying job. It can, eventually. However, you have to manage your expectations. Here are the realities of CompTIA Security+ certification.

Pay scale

It’s true that most companies require some type of certification from IT applicants. The most widely accepted are those that come from CompTIA. There are three basic certificates for which recruiters look. These are CompTIA Security+, A+, and Network+. If you have one or more of these, you’ll get a job. You’re looking at a pay range of something between $30,000 and $65,000 a year, depending on the location. If you want to hit the $90,000 and up range, you’ll need to go a little further.

One of many

They say that all journeys start with the first step. You can think of Security+ certification in that light. You’re most likely to get entry-level positions in IT with it. However, you cannot stop there if you want to advance your career. You need to gain some experience or and take some specialized training. Some companies will require additional certifications, such as those from HDI. Others will only promote an employee to higher positions with a formal degree.

You may not get the big payday you expect with just CompTIA Security+ certification. You have to do a bit more than that. However, it is still worth taking a CompTIA Security+ practice test. You will need Security+ certification or equivalent to get your foot in the door. Without it, no company with any potential for real career growth will hire you.

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