The Benefits of a Garden to Hospital Patients

Rooftop gardenA healthcare environment is often seen as sanitary and dull; however, covered walkways and outdoor areas can be transformed into vibrant gardens providing patients with pleasant and therapeutic surroundings.

While the idea of having a hospital garden or a walkway canopy was dismissed in the early 20th century as something peripheral to medical treatment, it is now being reconsidered. According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, the idea of having an outdoor space that connects people to nature should be one of the major considerations in an architect’s design.

Can gardens promote healing?

Hospital gardens are not solely for aesthetic purposes. If architects consider the importance of people’s relationship to nature, scientists are considering the healing effects of nature to people. Scientists from all around the globe are doing further research on this topic.

There have been several experiments attempting to use the standards of modern medical research, which involves quantified health results and strict experimental controls, to prove that gazing at a garden can speed one’s healing process.

Results from these experiments show that a few minutes spent looking at nature can help reduce anger, pain, and anxiety. Furthermore, physiological changes in the brain and heart’s electrical activity, muscle tension, and blood pressure.

Hospital’s Outdoor Area

The indoor area of a hospital is extremely important in the recovery of hospital patients. The outdoor area also plays a role in patient recovery. Since there is a clear advantage in engaging with nature, healthcare establishments should try to discover the true potential of a hospital’s outdoor area.

Along with medical procedures and treatments, comfort and relaxation are crucial to a patient’s recovery. For example, Kensington Systems Ltd, a leading manufacturer of outdoor covers, has installed various canopies to public walkways — including hospitals where they provide shade and comfort to patients moving around the premises.

Increasing evidence shows that nature is a great way to help speed up the healing process of patients. Adding gardens and adding natural scenery to healthcare establishments helps patients and brightens up the place.

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