Thai Protesters Block Poll Stations, 1 Shot Dead

Posted on by Lorrie Hellickson

Thai protesters have blocked polling stations, surrounding the areas and preventing early voting prior to next week’s general election, according to officials.


Thai ProtestersDemonstrators chained the doors of polling stations and barred voters who tried to enter. This despite the promises of protest leaders in previous reports that they would not obstruct the elections.

Reports say that 49 out of 50 stations were blocked in Bangkok, halting operations. Ten out of 76 provinces in Thailand were also disrupted.

The election commission has suggested to postpone the February 2 polls, although the government is adamant that the elections should go ahead on schedule as planned.

One leader shot dead

One of the protest leaders was shot dead during a clash in eastern Bangkok.

Suthin Tarating stood on top of a truck and delivered his speech as part of the rally at a polling station. As he went on with his speech, gunfire sounded in the air and struck the protest leader. He died in the hospital soon after.

Thailand is currently in a state of emergency due to the political unrest in the area.

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