Sydney Fun and Learning: Great Spots for School Excursions

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Sydney SkylineLearning can happen anywhere, especially in such a great city as Sydney. Your students can learn as much in educational spots in Sydney as in the classroom. Students can also simultaneously have fun while learning.

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Do you know where to take your students on your next school excursion? Here are a few suggestions you can consider.

Unending Museum Fun

Although your students may have visited this ages-old institution before, fun and learning can still happen in the Australian Museum. Younger students can enjoy the popular program, Kids At The AM. Older children can enjoy other programs on nature, the environment, and even Indigenous Australian culture.

You can look up other programs you can take your students to have a blast. Do you want to expose your students to science and technology? You can look no further than the Powerhouse Museum. Your students can learn hands-on about space and computer technology, transport, and science.

On the other hand, other students can head on to the Sydney Observatory to learn about the universe.

For Your Amusement

When your students have had their fill of learning, you can take them to a soaking fun experience at Wet’n’Wild Sydney. The water park houses over 40 slides and attractions that can keep your students busy for hours on end.

When you and the students want a less wet experience on the water, you can ride a jet boat from Oz Jet Boating. The thrill ride lasts 30 minutes around Sydney Harbour.

Leisurely Tours

Educational excursions can also be full of lessons with minimal activity. On Cockatoo Island, your students can vividly experience Australia’s evolution from its convict past through its war history to finally becoming a cultural and creative hub of the modern world. Cockatoo Island offers multiple programs that will take you and your students around the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You can find multiple other locations that can be perfect for your school’s next educational excursion. 

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