Space-Saving Methods to Maximise Small Home Space

Small Home SpaceIn recent years, the small home or tiny house movement has swept the globe as families and couples downsized instead of upsizing. Although homeowners today in Australia prefer bigger houses, you may be living in a small home, whether it be a house or an apartment. A small house has the benefit of lower costs, but it also has the disadvantage of less space. You may even feel cramped or claustrophobic if your small home’s features cause such feelings. To maximise available space in your small home, you can consider the following space-saving features.

Change Your Doors

You can save space in your small home simply by amending the types of doors you use. Cavity sliding door systems can eliminate the space needed for traditional hinged doors. You can even use cavity sliding doors or bifold doors as dividers to separate the living room from the dining room; such doors also allow you to open the area, allowing for a more spacious feeling.

Repurpose the Staircase

Do you have a staircase in your home? Instead of a simple staircase, you can choose to remodel it to make space for drawers, cabinets, or even as a small room. Each stair can be remodelled to contain drawers you can store your shoes in. The space under the staircase can also be repurposed as a storage space, a small play area for children, or a focus-enhancing workspace.

Store Vertically

To store all your other items, you can make use of available vertical space to make up for less area. You can put up shelves on the walls. You can raise your bed on a platform and use the platform as a hidden storage container.

Replace Furniture

You can still save space without remodelling; you can simply replace furniture. Do you need a couch? You can choose a banquette instead. Do you need a coffee table? You can choose trunk instead. Both options allow you to store items inside them.

You can find many other space-saving methods online. The more you maximise your small home space, the less your home will feel small.

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