Signs That Indicate You Have a Leaking Roof

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Roofing Repairs in TaurangaYou may no longer be proud of your newly bought home if the roof is leaking. With the current weather changes, your roof is prone to damage. The problem is most homeowners can’t tell when their roof has a leak until the problems have worsened. This article lists down the telltale signs that show your roof needs repair or replacement.

Moss and algae growth

Moss and algae growth are a good indication that your roof is leaking because they often grow in damp and wet areas. If the growth persists even in dry weather periods, it means there is water retention. If the rainwater accesses and damages the layers of your roof, it means you may have to replace the entire roof instead of repairing the leaking areas.

Peeling or blistering paint

The paint on the interior walls may begin to peel off if the rainwater enters the wall and penetrate behind the paint. When the rainwater gets into the house through a leaky roof, the internal humidity levels increase. This eventually causes the paint to blister, flake or fall off the walls. It’s best to contact an experienced roofer in Tauranga to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Damaged or loose flashing

Flashing strengthens the roof areas with penetrations such as the chimneys. It also reinforces the roof sections that seem to meet in a valley. If the flashing around the chimney is damaged or loose, rainwater may enter your living room through the chimney. You should hire a competent roofer to work on your loose flashing before it’s completely damaged.

Keep an eye on your roof to spot such signs that are sometimes easy to dismiss. Replacing or repairing a roof that is extensively leaking is not only costly but also dangerous.

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