Remove the Dust From Your Workplace

Workplace being cleaned by a vacuumToday’s world requires the manufacture of many products that use steel, wood, plastic, and many other materials that require different processes. The products are used in many of our equipment, from the smallest nuts and bolts to the largest aluminium plane wall.

All these would not be possible if manufacturing plants did not have dust extractors and ventilators in their workplaces. Dust extractors and other dust control products could remove dangerous airborne micro-dust, fumes, sprays, mists, and smoke. Airborne dust is a concern in many plants as they can cause various diseases in humans. Here are some of them.


This is a group of lung diseases that result from the inhalation of dust from a certain workplace. These include asbestos dust, silica, and coal mine dust. Often these diseases take years to develop, but silica pneumoconiosis develops after a relatively short period.

Allergic Alveolitis (Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis)

This disease is characterised by an allergic reaction in your lungs causing it to be inflamed. The constant exposure to animal and vegetable dust can trigger the reaction. The symptoms include malaise, fever, shortness of breath, and dry cough. Over time it could result in chronic bronchitis, anorexia, and even lung fibrosis.


Inhaling dust and allergens could cause asthma. Your bronchial tubes become inflamed in reaction to these minute allergens. It causes them to tighten and makes it difficult for anyone to breathe.

The symptoms include wheezing, coughing, and tightness in the chest.

A safe and clean working environment is vital for good health. Dust and allergens endanger people, so there is a need to install safety measures such as protective gear, proper ventilation, and safety equipment such as dust extractors to eliminate these dangers. Consult a dust control expert to create for you a safety plan for your location.

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