Reasons Metal Recycling is Good for the Planet

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recycleMetal recycling is a lucrative business. If you think, however, that Perth metal recyclers only do what they do for the sake of making money, well then, you’re wrong.

Recycling metal helps greatly in preserving the environment, notes Martin Scrap Metals. So how does the Earth really benefit from metal recycling? Here are some reasons metal recycling is good for the planet:

1. Metal recycling helps conserve Earth’s natural resources.

By making products out of recycled metals, manufacturers reduce the need for extracting natural resources. Consequently, there is less need for doing invasive mining methods.

Studies show that every tonne of metal recycled, on average, saves large amounts of water, solid waste and greenhouse gases. Aluminium, copper and steel are just some of the metals that are highly beneficial to recycle.

2. Metal recycling helps conserve energy.

People expect recycling processes to be energy consuming, but the truth is that it actually saves energy. Working with recycled metals saves more energy than producing new metals. Some metals are more energy efficient than others to recycle, however.

To put everything into perspective, recycling a single aluminium can save a sufficient amount of energy to power a television and to keep it running for about 3 hours. Meanwhile, recycling a pound of steel can save enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for over 24 hours.

Why does energy conservation even matter? Energy is commonly produced by burning fossil fuels and the emissions contribute significantly to global warming.

3. Metal recycling helps reduce air pollution.

Power stations produce emissions that not only contribute to global warming, but to air pollution as well. By using recycled metals that need less energy to produce, it is possible to greatly reduce the amount of air pollution.

Instead of throwing away scrap metal, look up qualified recyclers in your area who know how to effectively deal with them. Not only will you have some additional cash to spend, you will also do your part in saving the planet.

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