Preschool Opens Up the World to Children

Children in preschoolOne of the best things parents can do for their children is to enroll them in preschool. There have been studies that show the advantages of a preschool education, especially in Phoenix AZ. A classroom experience at an early age leads to healthy development and cultivates the important foundations for further education.

Education by Choice

Preschool education is not mandated in the United States. However, there has been tremendous growth in the last 30 years. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) reported that enrollment in preschool education rose from 96,000 to 1 million during that period. There has been a great leap in the numbers.

This shows that parents are more willing to pay for their children’s early formative education and they can see the results. The kids’ social skills develop when they are with other children their age. They are also able to improve their perception of their world and they see it as larger than their neighborhood. Important cognitive skills are taught and learned at preschool a well.

Growth Among the States

Georgia led the way in introducing statewide programs providing pre-kindergarten education to all four-year-olds in the state. The states of New York, Florida, and Oklahoma followed suit. The Title 1 of the Elementary and Secondary Act covers many programs for early childhood education. The No Child Left Behind Act gives incentives for Title 1 funding of preschool programs.

There are 40 states, and Washington D.C., which offer state-funded preschool programs. Up to 85% of all four-year-olds enrolled in a preschool program, receiving state funds.

There are other programs run by churches, non-profit organizations, and for-profit enterprises. These are usually tuition-based preschool programs. They follow their own curriculum and method of teaching. There are plenty of standard preschool teachings based on different schools of thought and methodology. These have also undergone their own studies and have propagated due to the success they have attained.

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