Old Gold Possessions: Which Do You Keep and Sell?

British pound coins up close macro studio shot against a shiny reflective White backgroundNearly everyone possesses something with sentimental value beyond what the market might say they are worth. Come to think of it, we depend on the market to determine the value of things. For example, you place greater value on a cup of tea than having a few quids in your pocket. Likewise, the tea shop would rather have your money than the resources to make another cup of tea. The capitalist cycle lives on.

Some of us have pieces of gold jewellery that have been passed down from generations, and most of them will be forgotten in a closet somewhere. One way to determine whether these items are worth keeping, or will serve you a better purpose when sold, sort them into three divisions: from most to least sentimental. In some cases, selling your gold bars to UK buyers may be wiser than you realise. 

Division One

This Division should have sentimental items that have been passed down through family for generations, or have some significant personal meaning behind them. Never part with Division One at all costs. Put them somewhere safe and secure.

Division Two

Division Two is for items that you know have value, but can’t quite decide exactly how valuable they are. It may be worthwhile having them evaluated just to see how much they’re worth. Prices vary depending on the item. If the items have some sort of sentimental value, tread carefully, because once they’re sold, they’re sold for good.

Division Three

Division Three is for the stuff that you know – with absolute certainly – you want to part with. It’s probably that ugly old jewellery that’s been taking up space, collecting dust. You may be surprised by how much they’re worth. If you sell it, the price will be evaluated based on the gold value, not on its appearance. Ugly old gold jewellery is often heavy and high-quality – you may be in for a pleasant surprise.

Give it a go. Bring the Divisions Two and Three to a gold bullion buyer and have them evaluated. Knowing their worth can help you decide whether it’s worth holding on to or letting go. 


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