Nelson Mandela’s Last Will To Be Made Public

Posted on by Conrado Simon

The world will finally know what Nelson Mandela is actually worth.

Nelson MandelaHis Dying Wishes

The dying wishes of South Africa’s anti-apartheid icon will be revealed on Monday, the Constitutional Court announced.

“The executors in the estate… invite you to a media briefing on the contents of his last will and testament,” the court’s vice president, Dikgang Moseneke, said in a statement released Sunday, February 2,  nearly two months after Mandela died on December 5.

The Mandela Foundation will reveal the contents at midday on Monday, February 03, 2014 at the foundation, he said.

A spokesperson for the foundation, Danielle Melville, told AFP: “I don’t know if the entire document will be read, but certainly it will be summarised.”

To End Speculation

Ever since two of Mandela’s daughters took the trustees of Mandela’s businesses to court last year, there has been a great deal of speculation as to just how much the former president was worth.

According to the court papers in that case, it was suggested that businesses linked to artworks of Mandela’s handprint, as well as three trusts, hold millions of rand.

A City Press report on the family’s infighting after he died, however, suggested the former statesman survived on money from benefactors that dried up when he became ill.

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