Moving Your Business: A Guide to Talking to Your Leasor

an office space There are many reasons for moving your business. You may be trying to find a new target audience or your business is getting bigger.

Regardless, the move can be a stressful thing, as there are many things to attend to. But don’t let the anxiety and stress of your relocation keep you from focusing on the important things. Among the things you need to work on is dealing with your leasor.

Before you contact one of the cross-country moving companies in your area, here’s what you need to do that involves contacting your leasor without any problem and delay.

Check the Agreement

Before you go to your leasor, you should study first your lease agreement. Your decision to move may be violating a provision, which may lead to payment or a type of penalty. So what you need to do is strengthen your case for the move. After all, your leasor will let you go easily if you don’t have any violation.

Prepare the Letter

You may have talked already with your leasor, but you’ll need to write a letter to formalize your intent to vacate the building. Other than the technical details of the move, you may want to thank your leasor in your letter.

Settle the Bills

Make sure that you’ll deal with the liabilities before you move. For one, you should tell your leasor that you’ll pay for the damages or any problems in the space that your business might have caused. You may also talk to your banks and partners about your change of address.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind if you’re planning to talk to your leasor. Keep things sweet, short, and fruitful.

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