Kindergarten: The Great Significance of this Education Level

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Kindergarten group of little kids, boys and girlsIn the United States, the legal requirement for students is to attend and finish elementary and secondary education. This means that the U. S. Department of Education doesn’t mandate early childhood care and education (ECCE). However, parents should realize and understand the value of ECE, as it plays significant roles in the learning and subsequent development of their children.

The huge impact of ECE

Early childhood education helps in promoting healthier development in children and encouraging the most critical foundations of their learning abilities. And in today’s society, more and more parents recognize this, as you should too. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) has published a report showing that the number of enrollees for preschool and kindergarten has risen so dramatically over the past three decades: from less than 100,000 students to more than a million.

One of the reasons you would want your child to undergo early childhood care and education is to help him/her prepare for the transition to the legal, formalized type of schooling. And while ECCE can provide this stepping stone, it can do more than just that. It helps in your child’s development as a whole. It covers all the fundamental areas, from social to cognitive to physical to emotional needs.

Choosing the right school for your child

You want only what’s best for your child, and the St. Edward kindergarten curriculum can provide the much-needed and –welcome guidance for your little one. The elements of the program can strengthen the foundation not just for your child’s lifelong journey of learning, but his/very well-being. With your contribution and participation as your child acquires ECCE, you can give him/her an excellent start in life.

Always remember that it’s during early childhood wherein children undergo the fastest phase of their growth and development. They will be thankful that you have given them the opportunity to learn as early as this time of their life.

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