Keeping Crowds at Bay: Why Temporary Fences are Necessary

Temporary FencesAs an alternative to permanent fencing, temporary fencing has many uses – both private and public. These are freestanding fence panels held together by interlocking panels, which makes it both flexible and portable for a variety of applications.

Temporary Fences Used in Construction Sites

Most of the time, you can see these around construction sites. It is necessary to hire these types of fences to confine any risk when the construction is underway on the site. Plus, construction teams also need these to prevent any trespassers from entering the site or anyone who is not wearing the appropriate protective equipment.

These serve as visual signals that alert people of the construction going on in that area. Sites such as these can be very dangerous and people who do not know about the hazards could easily get hurt. Sometimes, these serve as placeholders where the permanent fences will be built.

Crowd Control Using Temporary Fences

  • If you have been to a concert or any place where crowds are present, you might have seen fences that keep them at bay. Sporting events, music festivals and parades are perfect examples of events where crowds can sometimes be uncontrollable. 
  • Fences also serve as a guide for those queueing for tickets or snacks. These provide organisation amidst the number of people staying in an area. It forces them to stay in their lane or in their place to avoid congestion.
  • These are especially useful for security. Military areas and places of national conferences use these to keep the mass and the protesters off the premises.
  • Pool areas may also use temporary fences to keep children away from the water in the event that they are left unattended. This prevents mishaps and accidents like drowning.
  • Attractions such as petting zoos are perfect examples of places that need temporary fencing as well. This is necessary so that the animals do not leave the premises and the parents can keep an eye on their children – preventing them from running off.   

Temporary fences have many uses and, depending on their use, people can pick from a variety of materials. From plastic panels to heavy duty materials, you can find the appropriate type of fences suitable for your needs.

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