Is the Trampoline Workout Good for You?

Trampoline WorkoutGoing to the gym may be monotonous; you’re lifting weights, running on the treadmill or joining a group exercise. All these may seem like fun and effective ways to reach your fitness goals, but for some, they need a change of pace to keep them motivated. One way to revitalize your program is to try trampolining; this is a unique way to exercise and has several health benefits.

Low Impact Exercise

Compared to other sports such as tennis, running, and basketball, trampolining has a minimal impact that may hurt the joints. When you rebound, the trampoline absorbs 80% of the shock of the vertical acceleration and deceleration of the jumping. Hard surfaces don’t provide this much cushion, which may result in faster muscle wear and tear, strain or even injury. According to, rebounding may not only exercise your body, but also protect your joints.

Strong Bones

Constantly jumping on a trampoline gives the bones good stress as it enables them to build musculoskeletal strength and may improve their density and content. Whenever you land on the trampoline after jumping it is twice the gravitational force, this enables you to build strength over time and reduces the risk of osteoporosis and other forms of brittle bone diseases. The pad provides enough cushion to prevent injuries and long-term damage to the joints.

Better Motor Skills and Coordination

Exercises on a trampoline allow you to develop certain skills that require intense motor activities. The things you do on trampolines such as rebounding, bouncing and balancing to maintain the right body position improve your coordination and motor skills. This is important to athletes in ball sports such as soccer. You need to have good motor skills to control different muscle groups and make them do what you need them to do.

Trampolining has many benefits for those who are looking for a low impact exercise program that strengthens their body, and improves motor skills and coordination.

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