Indispensable Roof Cleaning Tips

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clean roofYear in and year out, the cycle continues. Winter gives way to spring, spring turns to summer, and summer turns to fall before the snows start falling again.

With the changing of the seasons, one thing stays constant: homeowners need to clean their roofs. Roofing maintenance is one of the major tasks that every homeowner faces routinely. All it takes is water and air. Before you know it, you have all sorts of problems, from mold growth to full-on leaks.

Unfortunately, different types of roofs call for different needs. While there may be subtle differences, the basic theories remain the same. Prominent Queens roofing companies recommend these tips for cleaning your roofs:

Power wash it

Power washers are a nifty tool for roof cleaning. Always put them at low pressures to avoid any untoward damages to your roof. While not everyone has them, an option would be to use a manual bug spray container to mix your roof cleaning chemicals in. Of course, this could be a much more tedious task.

Sit on it

Probably the best way to clean roofs is to use roof-cleaning chemicals and let them sit. After applying them, all you have to do is wait until the next time it rains and all the chemicals will wash off. This is also a good way to save up on your utility bill.

Get references

Should you choose to hire a contractor, always make it a point to look for references. It is a good way to gauge their capabilities so you will not end up having to pay for substandard services. A long list of satisfied customers speaks volumes about a company’s service.

Having the true blue DIY spirit is worthy of applause. B

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