Improve Shop Inventory Turnover with Strategic Shelving

Shelves SpacesShelving is often taken for granted when implementing enhancements to increase sales in a shop. Shop owners and managers easily overlook this detail, focusing on bringing in more foot traffic inside the store instead. Why don’t you try encouraging more sales from traffic that’s already inside the store by implementing these smart shelving approaches?

Implement an Adaptive Shelving System

For shelving to be strategic, it must be adaptive. Your store’s shelving equipment must be easily customisable with minimal effort, so you can try out and change up strategies that work or don’t work. Tap local slatwall suppliers to customise your display walls, provide a variety of attachments and keep your display gondola movable so that you can quickly implement changes in your shelving approaches until you find the most effective one.

Change the Location of Best-selling Items

Change the location of your main draw items, or the ones that your primary clientčle come in to buy, to encourage them to come further in the shop. Most customers come inside the store with one or two items in mind to purchase. Remind them of the things they didn’t know they need but suddenly do by directing them through your aisle. The deeper the customer goes into the store, the more chances you have to showcase other products that might also interest them.

Group Accessories with the Main Product

Again, most customers come to specialty stores to buy one or two items only, but that doesn’t mean they should leave the store with just that. Display accessories immediately with the main product to encourage additional purchases. By doing so, someone who intends to buy just a GoPro, for instance, will likely leave with a three-way mount, protective case and a remote as well.

Before you invest some more resources to stimulate sales, try out these smart shelving solutions and watch your down weeks on hand ratio decrease with minimal expenses.

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