Identifying the Most Common Causes of Air Conditioning Condenser Problems

Posted on by Jean Harris

Air Conditioning CondenserAustralia is going through a different level of heat stress today and is costing the country’s economic health. Too much heat is leading to absenteeism and lower productivity, a report says. During times like these, it is best to keep cooling installations ready and functional.

Air conditioners are must-haves in Perth’s buildings and households. Home air conditioning systems are especially more vulnerable since families do not have a team of repairmen and handymen checking for leaks and damages every day, unlike the case in commercial buildings and spaces.

Central air conditioning systems consist of two separate units: one inside, one outside. The outside unit, or the condenser, releases heat outdoors and is more prone to damage. If it malfunctions, the air conditioner will not be able to cool down the house. Here are the most common causes of damage.

Outside Debris

Since the condenser is located outside, it is always under the danger of random debris getting inside it. Fallen leaves or small sticks and twigs can cause severe damage to the condenser cabinet. Debris can also damage the fan blades, the fan belt and the motors, consequently impairing its operation.

Leaking Refrigerant

Leaky refrigerant lines jeopardise the operation of the entire system. This line connects the condenser to the indoor evaporator and carries out heat exchange. Once it develops leaks, there is an apparent hissing noise, frost building along the unit, and a drop in its cooling power.

Electrical Failures

Electricity runs the entire operation, so when malfunctions occur, the crucial components stop working and lower, or even stop the cooling process altogether. Failure can occur within the motor, the capacitor or the electrical relays.

Check on your AC systems regularly to see if it is still in good condition. While the services of a highly trained technician are necessary for repairs, it helps to keep yourself informed about the most common damages that can impair the system’s operation. Air conditioners can only do their function well if you do yours.

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