How to Wear the Unquestionably Stylish Boat Shoe


bootsBoat shoes are the perfect option for the weekend. They exude an ageless appeal like driving shoes or loafers, and make wearers look casual without appearing sloppy. You don’t need to purchase boat shoes from Louis Vuitton or Lanvin to grab a pair. Many retailers carry inexpensive boat shoes to cater to the current trend.

Known as the definitive summer footwear, there are many places you can appropriately wear boat shoes. Whether at the airport, sailing on a yacht, commuting to and from work, driving in a car, or spending a day at the mall, they are the perfect pair. Here are a few ways you can pair your boat shoes with the perfect outfit based on the occasion.


Boat shoes convey a casual style, meaning this shoe of leisure should be kept away from formal events and the boardroom. Wear it with a polo shirt and shorts during the summer. Keep a jacket on-hand in case the weather turns chilly. A nautical-inspired windbreaker or lightweight rain jacket always looks good.


You can also pair boat shoes with navy chinos for a timeless combination that looks good for most ages. A casual Oxford shirt portrays a more relaxed look. A khaki blazer completes the outfit while giving off a preppy appeal.

Smart Casual

On Fridays, when everyone dresses down, pair boat shoes with slim fitting jeans to pair with an Oxford shirt and tie. Invest in a simple white shirt to go with a statement blazer and tie. They look perfect for an appearance at a casual summer wedding.

Don’t be afraid to be creative in styling the timeless and effortlessly stylish boat shoe. Today, everyone’s eyeing this maritime footwear featuring a rubber sole and lace fastening details around the back and side. There are different types of boat shoes for sale in all colors and aren’t only reserved for the preppy. No longer stuck in the past, they are the essentials of a well put-together ensemble. It continues to hold its own as an indisputably popular style among men and women of all ages.

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