How to Reduce and Prevent Delivery Damages

Delivery guy with thumbs up

Delivery guy with thumbs upThe process of delivering products from one point to another can expose it to a wide array of dangers, possibly causing damage when it reaches its destination. Fortunately, there are some effective ways to solve this problem.

Here are some of them:

Start with the Packaging

The proper packing technique goes a long way in guaranteeing that the product arrives safely to its destination. Some packing and packaging solutions in Australia often include the use of the perfect-sized box and filling the void with packing paper to minimise vibration. The idea is to make the moving parts immobile and cushioned so there’s a little chance of damage.

Label it Properly

Make sure the box is labelled correctly. This includes placing “fragile” or informing the handler about the proper side placement of the box. By doing so, you can be sure that the item doesn’t shift too much or be thrown around; therefore, causing more movement inside.

Stacking Standard

For multiple products and boxes, make sure there’s an indicator of how many boxes can be safely stacked together on a single pallet. This is important because you’d want each pallet to be stable and, therefore, prevent reduce the chances of it toppling down.

Good Partnership

Transhipment is common in the shipping industry whereby goods are passed from one handler to the next in the process of sending it to the recipient. If this is how you conduct your business, choose your partners correctly. Look at their service history and find out if they have insurance.

Always declare the value of your products before shipment and pay additional fees if necessary to guarantee repayment in case of damage.

Of course, these are just some of the ways to minimise the chances of damage during product delivery. Remember that every packing and packaging technique must involve considering the length of the trip.

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