How Skyscrapers Are Made: A 4-Step Guide to Metal Fabrication

man welding a metal equipment

man welding a metal equipmentConstructing buildings is such a marvelous feat. People in the construction industry have steel fabrication to thank for the construction of structures made of metal. In fabricating metals, experts choose from a range of metals — steel, aluminum, copper and such.

Steel fabricators in Edmonton or anywhere in the world follow the standard procedure below on how to properly work with metals.

1. Cutting

The first step is to cut metal in the quantity they need. Metal fabricators should already have an idea of how much metal they’ll be working with. They cut the metal using torches or saws. More modern techniques involve cutting by using laser and plasma.

2. Forming

After cutting the metal, fabricators put it in machines to take on a three-dimensional form. This is because most metal materials start out as sheets. In forming the metal using machinery, metal fabricators make sure they apply enough force to form the metal but not too much to break it.

3. Welding

Once the metal parts are formed, fabricators can then weld parts together. They do this by using heat and pressure on the metal parts. Welding requires a power source such as electricity to generate high heat. Hence, welders are required to wear safety gear such as face masks and gloves for protection.

4. Sandblasting and Finishing Touches

After the metal parts have been joined together, fabricators let them cool down. After this, they could sandblast the metal to remove any flaws, and then apply finishing touches, such as paint.

Metal fabrication has made it possible to construct skyscrapers, houses, and other structures that can be made from metal. This is no easy task, which is why we need metal or steel fabrication experts.

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