Hat Etiquettes You Have Forgotten

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hat etiquetteHats are a huge part of the British culture. Wearing these accessories used to be compulsory in many special occasions, but the practice slowly diminished over time. The number of women wearing wide-brimmed hats is dropping because it makes the simplest social greetings a hard task. Men, on the other hand, reserve their top hats for morning dresses.

Although hat-wearing is no longer as popular as before, you should never forget the etiquettes associated with it. Unless you want to raise eyebrows or appear rude in public, you should know how to wear your hat right.

Hats Off When Indoors

In the UK, along with most of Europe, wearing a hat inside a building, especially in a house, place of worship, public institution or any kind of establishment, is frowned upon. It is an utter show of disrespect. To avoid being such an embarrassment, hold your hat with the outside visible.

When to Doff

Tipping off your hat would do you more good than harm when meeting women; the ladies still appreciate old-fashioned customs. When you need to stop and say something to anyone, be it a male or a female, the proper gesture is to completely take it off.

Hats in Churches

For women, wearing an elegant piece of hat is traditional in a British wedding. In the 21st century, however, the practice of donning this accessory in Christian churches is now a mere matter of personal choice.

The Rule on Caps

The Brixton hat style experts at 5pointz.co.uk explain that baseball caps are only good for casual wearing. In addition, it is ill-advised to wear it from back to front. Women can generally keep their hats indoors or during the playing of the National Anthem, but they should follow men’s guidelines when it comes to donning unisex caps.

Hats are truly symbolic and fashionable. Don it with care to achieve the purpose it serves without offending anyone.

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