Google Trends New Update: More Accurate Results

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man working by the windowIt’s obvious how easy it is to make the mistake of measuring the wrong thing using Google Trends, even when you subscribe to SEO company services in Melbourne. As published on the official Google Search blog, however, the search engine giant announced a new addition to the application, which promises more accurate results.


Google designed the application’s new topic reports to measure interest in people, places, and things that users care about. Based on the example the search engine gave, if you were to look up search interest in “rice” before, you could mean the food or the school in Texas called Rice University.

With the new addition, if you type a search term or phrase into Google Trends, you’ll now see new topic predictions that take into account many variations to provide you with fairer comparisons.

This new feature will also automatically account for several search terms that may mean the same thing, such as common misspellings and celebrity nicknames. For instance, if you measure the interest in “Britney Spears,” Google’s algorithms will count many other searches that mean the same thing, such as that for Brittney Spears and Britny Speares. As the search engine’s processes improve, it may even count searches like “Princess of Pop.” This can be useful for topics that users search for commonly in different languages and with misspellings.

Beta Mode

Topic reports are still in beta mode as Google awaits feedback from users like SEO companies in Melbourne and others across the globe. You can still find data for over 7,000 unique topics, however. You can also slice the data to measure search interest worldwide, or in specific countries, such asthe US, the UK, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, and India.

Starting with this update, Google promises to continue to improve the accuracy and comprehensiveness of search data. As they do this, they plan to add more topics and expand to support more regions.


New Google Trends Topic Reports Designed To Deliver More Accurate Results

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