Getting Down, Dirty and Diligent: How to Take Farming Seriously for Beginners

farming potatoes

farming potatoesCountries such as South Korea and Japan have around 40 percent of their food waste recycled as animal feed. This saves their farmers a lot of costs because they don’t have to buy commercial feeds.

If you want to get into farming, you need to practice the same resourcefulness so you can maximize your gains without having to spend much. Here are some steps for beginners who want to be diligent or be serious with their farming.

Invest in tractors and lights

Buy a tractor and a tractor light kit while you’re at it. Having a heavy-duty vehicle such as a tractor allows farmers to traverse rocky roads when produce has to be transported for selling in the city. Tractors with lights will make it easier to harvest and drive at night.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

This idiom cautions anyone from investing too much in one area. For farmers, don’t just plant one type of crop especially if there’s a lot of land to spare.

If demand for avocadoes dwindles, for example, farmers who only planted the fruit won’t be able to profit much. Planting multiple crops ensures that you always have something to sell, regardless of which fruits or vegetables are trending.

Use proper irrigation for your crops

Proper irrigation should be used though, and not something that leaks or lacks enough water. Make sure to irrigate moderately and not use too much water so that the soil won’t get too saturated or “waterlogged.”

Keep track of the seasons

Farmers have to keep track of the weather or the time of the year. Some seeds won’t grow well in cold soil, and some crops might wilt in extreme heat.

As a solution, farmers use frost fans during winter and install them next to crops and trees. These frost fans blow air onto the vegetation so frost won’t build up on them.

Farmers have to resourceful in their labor so that they can maximize the earnings from their crops. They also have to be diligent or show care in their duties by investing in farming equipment, planting multiple crops for variety, or irrigating properly.

Once they do this, they can impress their peers and customers in how they really take farming seriously.

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