Geriatric Care 101: Areas You Should Consider When Looking for Alzheimer Care Facilities

Posted on by Althea Earwood

Alzheimer Care FacilitiesAlzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia that affects the elderly in the US. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, the cure has yet to be discovered and thus this disease cannot be slowed down or prevented. Furthermore, one in three seniors dies with this, and that majority of those are women.

If you have an elderly relative who is suffering from this debilitating illness, perhaps it’s time to consider an Alzheimer’s community Salt Lake City has to offer. Here are the four most important areas you should cover when visiting such facilities.

Memory Care and Other Services

Elders need memory care services and attention and medication management as they grow older, according to the experts from Assisted living and senior communities address these and other areas like behavior issues, sensory programming, and 24-hour security. Your grandparents will also receive diabetic care if needed. In addition, they may have pool aquatic therapy and hair and body treatments to pamper their tired body and relax their mind.


An excellent Alzheimer’s community also offer brain fitness programs, educational lectures, and even field trips to stimulate their residents’ minds. Your grandparents will enjoy socializing with their fellow elders during art lessons, cooking, or even yoga classes. Intergenerational programs also help them interact with people from various age groups. Ask your assisted living communities if they allow pets inside the facilities in case your elders still want to be with their beloved cats or dogs.


Is your grandma a vegetarian? Do your grandparents eat only Kosher or Halal food? Alzheimer care facilities may offer the same sets of food for residents but you should also consider your elders’ diet.

As previously mentioned, socialization is key in making a good Alzheimer’s community. Make sure your grandparents can still interact with care providers and fellow residents. Your grandparents probably sacrificed and gone through a lot to raise your parents and love you. Make sure they live their final years in utmost comfort and excellent care, and in the sweetest home away from home.

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