For Better Security Fencing, Wire Mesh is Tough to Beat

Posted on by Jean Harris

Wire Mesh FenceA fence is your first line of defence against theft. Not just any fence will do; you have to get a strong barrier to protect your property. Employing chain link may be reassuring, but bolt cutters will make short work of the material.

Wire mesh is a totally different story. Bolt cutters will have a hard time with the sturdy material, as these offer a stronger protection. Learn why you will never go wrong with this type of barrier.

Uncovering the Threat

Farms may not bustle with life as much as the city. Lacking all the activity, the iconic symbol of rural lifestyle has become a virtual sitting duck for shady characters.

The Australian Institute of Criminology did a one-off survey in 2003 to look into rural crime statistics. What they found out revealed what many may have suspected all along: theft was the most common crime in these areas. Theft of livestock, equipment, spare parts, tools, and even fire arms constituted the biggest headache for farmers.

Remote farms were the most vulnerable to livestock theft. Nonetheless, even those in more accessible areas where not spared, as theft of equipment and machinery were more prevalent there.

Your First Line of Defence

If you haven’t fenced your farm, you should be doing it at the soonest possible time. Fences inform everyone else, including those with ill-plans, to keep out of your property. In this regard, fences are your first line of defence and give you protection even if you’re not around.

For your fencing material, wire mesh makes a great option. This type of fencing allows every activity inside and outside to be visible. As such, thieves who are still in the process of breaching the fence can be seen. This type of fence has thicker wiring to provide maximum security to farmers. While bolt cutters can easily cut through chain-link fences, intruders will have a hard time doing this with wire mesh.

The benefits of wire mesh fencing are hard to overlook. The next time you plan to fortify your farm’s defence, you might want to add this type of fence to your list.

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