Filezilla Wonders: Five Advantages of Filezilla Download

Posted on by Lorrie Hellickson

filezilla interfaceDownloading large files may take hours before completion. With the help of downloadable open source software like Filezilla, files of more than 4 GB are now possible to download without the long wait.

Filezilla is an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program that lets you perform multiple file transfers simultaneously. It’s compatible with Windows, whether XP, Vista, or Windows 7. You can also use it with OS X: 10.5 or newer and even Linux, built specifically for Debian. In Linux, it’s recommended that you install it using your Add/Remove Software utility.

The following are the advantages of downloading Filezilla:

Easy Transfer

This free ready to download software supports large file transfer. It makes it possible to download files of more than 4 GB. You can also pause a download, and then resume it once you’re back using this program. The software also provides transfer queues while uploading large sized files. Queues are displayed while your transferred file is in progress or if it’s waiting to process.


With an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop tabbed interface, anyone can use this application with ease. This software also uses encryption that protects your files as you connect to its server.

Different Connection Tabs

Filezilla has more than one connection tabs. This keeps you from switching from one tab to another. Just open one connection, then the second one to a different location or open it within a new tab. If you manage a number of different virtual servers across a variety of domains, this program is beneficial.

Convenient Navigation

This program lets you bookmark a folder for easy navigation. This allows you to locate misplaced files just by going straight to that folder.


Filezilla is a powerful FTP/SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) client that has many features. It has a site manager that lets you store all your connection details and logins. The software also offers supports for firewalls, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), and Kerberos GSS security. The program represents the standard for any other FTP client, as it’s compatible with any FTP server.

Filezilla is a stable and well-tested program that is useful as a portable application. For all your FTP activities, this program is all you need.

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