Essential Considerations When Buying Industrial Pressure Gauges

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Pressure gaugeOne of the crucial measuring instruments in all industrial procedures is a pressure gauge. This device is used in monitoring the pressure of liquids and gases in different applications.

Buying your pressure gauge from a shop that deals with industrial supplies online is the most convenient and cost-efficient way to purchase the device. There are many crucial considerations you should keep in mind when buying a pressure gauge. Here are some of them.

Accuracy of the Device

Getting an accurate pressure reading is important in your industrial operations. Most industrial processes require around 0.5% accuracy though 1% accuracy is satisfactory. Ensure your pressure gauge has a suitable accuracy reading depending on your refining and manufacturing operations. The most accurate pressure gauges typically have large dial diameters.

The Pressure Gauge’s Construction

It is difficult to assess the construction of a pressure gauge by merely looking at the device and its packaging. It is hence essential to find out the construction specifics from your supplier. Pressure gauges constructed with welded sensors are often of a higher quality compared to those with thread tapes and O-rings.

Other important factors to consider in pressure gauge construction are the variety of battery used and its assembly and the gauge’s isolating diaphragm.

The Pressure Range of Your Operation

The range of your pressure gauge should be twice your operating pressure. This maximizes your device’s accuracy and safety in addition to extending your gauge’s life. Limiting the pressure of your operations to 75% of your pressure gauge’s range if your activity involves a lot of pulsation is recommended.

Follow the manufacturer’s instruction on the maintenance procedures and inspections required. This will ensure your gauge always has accurate measurements and works at its optimal level. This will minimize the work hazards that come with faulty pressure gauges.

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