Do Bulk Discounts Make Sense?

Posted on by Ted Wideman

Bulk orders are some of the most sought out deals in the marketplace, whatever the product might be. The discounts are also a big attraction for buying in bulk; but what if those discounts were taken away? What if you really did have to multiply the price of the item by the number of items bought?

clothes printingBulk Discount Philosophy

The discount question is a topic of discussion on very few occasions because retailers worry that taking away bulk discounts would cause a customer exodus to rival stores. They’re right, of course; customers jumping ship will almost certainly happen. But if you look at the bigger picture, would items become less valuable if it retained its original price in bulk (value determined by the demand for an item)?

The Value of an Item

For perishable items such as food and house supplies, the value remains regardless of discount status because modern life is very difficult without them. When it comes to non-perishable items like printed t-shirts, buying in bulk doesn’t sound as appealing without the discount. But, there is a compelling argument to make for wholesale garments, even at full price.

The clothes printing industry depends on the desire of clients to project an image to other people, and t-shirts are marketed as one of the most effective casual tools to display that image. Company heads order t-shirts in bulk for product launches and team-building exercises, and to promote in-office unity.

Why People Buy Shirts

Shirt retailers work faster and with more focus on a uniform design if it’s done repeatedly. Even without discounts, companies will still save time and effort in trying to meet deadlines for their activities, allowing the shirts to perform their purpose. Notice, though, that bulk discounts don’t factor into the equation until the very last minute, acting simply as an add-on to sweeten the deal.

The answer to the above question then is no, the value of an item doesn’t go down if discounts disappear. There will always be a demand for essential goods, and people will always find value in certain items. The bulk discounts exist just to make everyone value them even more.

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