Develop Your Child’s Ambition and Skill at Primary School

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Pupil using a computer in classIn an increasingly globalising world, children are raised to become dynamic, flexible, and linguistically inclined. Life has become nomadic and automatic because of advances in transport and technology. This new lifestyle calls for a new set of skills, including novel and adaptive thinking, new media literacy, analytic and critical skills, as well as cross-cultural knowledge. International primary schools are the top choice for families in Dubai, both expats and locals, for teaching children to become great global citizens.

Diversity and Dynamism

Dubai is a country of diversity and dynamism, as well as endless career opportunities especially in diplomacy and the business sector. Locals are multi-lingual, and the population also consists of expatriates from Asia (85%) and Europe, notably the United Kingdom (15%).

Dubai also maintains strong business ties with the European Union, necessitating communication skills especially in Swiss languages such as German and French. At the Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai, a foundation in the English language and a strong emphasis on foreign languages ensures that your child is well-equipped to live their social and future professional lives at the fullest.

A Community of Cultures

Balancing intellectual, creative, and social skills, the school fosters a community of cultures to teach children the value of tolerance. Learning about their peers’ culture and customs also expand their understanding of world cultures and the variety that makes the world an interesting and wonderful place to live in. This also primes children for potential foreign exchange programs or subsequent studies abroad.

Leading Learners to Become Leaders

Healthy competition and ambition are encouraged at the Dubai primary school. Study programmes and activities also work to ingrain collaboration and helping out among students. Children can be taught leadership early on, and the primary school’s leadership philosophy focuses on being hands-on, encouraging, and collaborating with group mates. In leading learners to become leaders, we break barriers and expand a child’s understanding of what it means to result in a future new world defined by trans-disciplinarity, multilingualism, democracy and innovation.

Beyond teaching your child to become multi-lingual, we aim to provide them with a well-rounded education with strong foundations. In raising a competitive, healthy, and well-adjusted child, the Dubai primary school is the right choice for your family.

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