Corporate Finance: What Finance Lease and Direct Equity Can Do For You

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Apart from helping individuals when it comes to protecting assets, many financial institutions today offer different services for business owners. These services are all intended to help in achieving even the most demanding and complex of financial requirements.

financeTwo of the most popular services are finance lease and direct equity investment. Read on to know more about them.

Finance leasing

Flexibility is an important element for success. If your business requires the use of equipment, but does not have the funds to pay for the asset, then a finance lease could be your best option. It’s a form of financing where the finance company remains the owner of the equipment, with the equipment effectively hired out to you.

The basics

With a finance lease, you don’t need to pay cash for the equipment you need nor take a loan to finance. It’s a method of financing assets, especially vehicles, which you can access if you’re a VAT-registered business. Application requirements also vary depending on the financial institution.

Direct Equities

Investing in direct equities is the foundation of any good investment portfolio, as it offers you the opportunity to own a small piece of the company you see financial opportunity in.

While the act of investing in direct equities may seem like it’s a buy-and-you’re-done situation, ignoring the importance of research can be costly. The process should involve knowledge, implementation, and timing to ensure you will get great returns.

The basics

Simply buying shares from a company is not difficult, but the knowledge required in making the right investment demands research. The company’s goals, its business stage, and its management are just some of the factors you need to weigh before putting your funds at risk.

Timing is also important to your portfolio performance. What can seem like an excellent investment today may not be a great investment in a few months. No matter how good the performance of a company is, you won’t get your desired results if you do not analyze the performance of the company and observe the right timing.

Despite the complexities of these services, the potential payoff in finance leasing and direct equities can be substantial. With these, you play a direct role in the market, making more room for financial opportunities. Secure your application requirements and experience great growth potentials.

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