Construct Your Dream House Fast with Kitset Houses

House under constructionWhen doing a major housing project, it is sometimes better to have pre-fabricated parts, especially if the houses are all the same. The parts would be built at a factory and shipped to the site for assembly.

This method can also be used for single projects, where the owner orders from a catalog. It is all about practicality, and there are several reasons kitset houses are practical for NZ.

Faster and Cheaper

Building homes the traditional way is time-consuming. Raw materials are trucked to the site, and then the construction begins. Each house is individually designed, and the materials are cut or built to those specifications.

However, there are some projects where the houses are built according to a limited number of designs. When built in a development, the houses all look the same, even if they are made from different template designs.

This is not any different for kitset houses. The difference with kitset homes is that the parts are all made at a factory and sent to the buyer’s site. The same design house may not necessarily be a neighbor, but another house miles away.

The houses themselves are a flat panel and delivered as knockdown parts. These are assembled on the site, at less than half the time to build a house from scratch.

IKEA Houses

Because the houses are built at a factory, economies of scale determine and help lower the cost. When the house is delivered to the site, the only thing the owner needs to do is have the personnel ready for assembling it.

The workers can even be semi-skilled workers with the rudimentary skills to put up walls and screw or nail them together to form the house. The houses are the equivalent of IKEA appliances but on a big scale.

A house is usually a person’s biggest personal investment. There are significant savings when choosing a kitset house compared to building a house from scratch.

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