Cloud Computing Trends: What’s In It For My Business

Posted on by Lorrie Hellickson

cloud computingCloud computing has opened many opportunities for businesses. From optimised data storage to improved marketing strategies, cloud computing has been recognised as an important contributor in expanding and innovating business.

Here are a few cloud computing trends that may make you move your business into the cloud:

Cost-effective Data Support

The system of cloud computing is created basically for data storage and security. As computers need to be repaired every so often and there is a limit to the sizes of files stored, important and large documents, such as confidential government records, business reports and personal information need to be in an accessible and large space. Cloud computing offers that secure space for users.

According to Internet Solutions, other than the data support service cloud computing offers, it is especially beneficial because of its cost saving technology in terms of data storage and security. Businesses will move to the cloud because they don’t have to worry too much about software licensing, server maintenance and electricity expenses.

Springboard for Business Innovation

Businesses invest in the system of cloud computing to use it in improving their products and services. They are using it as a springboard for innovation. Some entrepreneurs venture into cloud applications so that they can elicit immediate responses and participation from their customers. Others are using it to increase work productivity.

As cloud computing allows businesses to boost efficient performance and establish open and innovative communication with customers, businesses are more likely to adopt cloud computing as a tool for innovation.

Cloud-based apps to web-powered apps

As cloud computing establishes its place in the world of business and more users beginning to explore the cloud, there is a need for cloud-based applications to be accessible in different platforms used on the web.


Cloud computing has made an impact on businesses and it will continue to be one of the most important means for business innovation and expansion. Anticipate big things from this technology and be informed about how it can make a difference in your business.

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