Clever Ways to Maintain Your Office Floors

A hardwood floor

A hardwood floorMany offices have elegant hardwood floors because it evokes class and professionalism. Most people have a legitimate concern about their floors getting ruined by anything. But is there something you can do to keep your office floors in top condition?

Use a chair mat or an area rug

With time, rolling office chairs will create scuff marks on your hardwood floor. But says there are easy ways to prevent this. You could invest in a chair mat for each rolling chair in the office that has hard casters. If you’re always moving your chair over a considerably bigger space in your office, then you may want to use an area rug instead as it is larger than a chair mat.

Move furniture correctly

When you need to move furniture, you need to make sure you do it correctly. Avoid sliding it on the floor as this could leave marks on the floor surface. Lift the furniture instead, or put a rag under it if it is too heavy for you to lift. You could also fit felt pads under your chairs and tables to protect the floor as you move the furniture.

Regularly clean the floor

Just like all other spaces in your office, your floor needs to be kept clean to last longer. Always vacuum or sweep the floor first before using a damp cloth to clean it. You may also use a microfiber cloth to do the job. Be wary of using too much water though, as this may encourage the gathering of dirt on the v-grooves of the floor and make it difficult to remove dirt.

The general state of your wooden floor has a huge impact on the overall appearance of your office space. You should practice a few simple maintenance methods that cost little more than your time and effort.

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