Caring for Industrial Tents Properly

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A young woman tending to a fireTents serve various functions—you can take it with you while camping, use it while hosting backyard parties or use them as a business storage solution. Apart from being portable and durable, they also guarantee protection from the external elements.

In the industrial sector, DomeShelter Australia offers industrial shelters that also work the same way to ensure that their products stay in good condition. For those that require smaller storage solutions, however, a portable industrial tent might be better suited to their needs.

One of the endearing factors of an industrial storage tent is its durability. With regular maintenance, you can, in fact, extend the life of your industrial tent and keep it functional for even longer.


Tents for industrial use are usually made of polyester due to their ability to resist dirt. In most cases, simply using soap and water can help keep tent covers clean. Be sure to let your tent dry out completely before folding it or setting it up again, though.For heavily stained tents, however, you may have to use tent-friendly cleaners. Consult manufacturers to know whether or not your choice of cleaner is suitable for the tent you have.


Frames are usually made of aluminium, steel or a combination of the two. This means your industrial tent requires proper cleaning and maintenance to avoid corrosion and damage. Take advantage of your tent whenever it is set up, as it is easier to clean then.

Patching holes

Tough weather conditions and foreign objects can damage your tent over time. Fortunately, a repair can easily patch small holes with a repair kit you can purchase from a hardware store. Make it a point to catch such holes in your tent early, however, to avoid possible damage to whatever you have stored inside.

Do you own an industrial tent? Keep it maintained by checking on the condition of the covers, frames and patching holes every now and then.

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