Baby Shower Checklist: Preparing a Fun and Memorable Party

Posted on by Althea Earwood

pregnant womanPlanning a baby shower is fun and exciting. Make sure to have a checklist if you are throwing a party for a family member or a friend. With the many things you have to prepare for, it’s easy to forget a thing or two.

Here’s a checklist to plan a fun baby shower:

Seven to Eight Weeks from the Big Day

1. Consult with the guest of honor

  • Even if you want to keep the party as a surprise, it’s best to speak with the guest of honor to know her preferred time and date.
  • You also need to create the guest list with the mom-to-be to make sure you don’t leave out anyone.

2. Decide on a location

3. Choose a party theme

4. Get in touch with a caterer

  • If you need a caterer, it’s best to book one about two months before the event.

Six to Five Weeks From the Big Day

1. Ask the guest of honor if she has signed up with a gift registry service. Include a small card with the invitation telling the guests where she has registered.

2. Prepare and send out the invitations

3. Plan the menu, if you’re not using a catering service.

4. Start looking for party favors, prizes, and props.

  • Candles and Favors recommends shopping for party decorations about a month before the event, so you won’t have to rush into finding the right props or materials if you’re creating the decorations on your own.

Two to Three Weeks from the Big Day

1. Finish preparing all party props and favors

2. Reserve rental supplies when doing the event at home

3. Order flowers if necessary

4. Re-confirm reservations with the venue and/or caterer

5. Make a list of baby shower activities, such as games and arts and crafts.

Two Days to One Week from the Big Day

1. Get in touch with anyone who has not called to RSVP.

2. Re-confirm guests bringing special items or food, if having a potluck

Welcome the new member of the family with love and happiness. For an unforgettable party, let other family members and friends help you plan the shower.

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Althea Earwood is a Clinical Instructor at a medical university in San Francisco. Prior to this, she works as a nurse at a hospital in New Jersey.