An Effective Therapy for Saving Your Marriage

Posted on by Althea Earwood

SexThere may come a time in a couple’s married life when things become dull and unstable. We all know that maintaining a relationship takes some effort, but what if things just don’t work out anymore?

Experts like sex therapists in Denver believe that sex in a tender, close relationship has various benefits. Getting to the root causes of problems with intimacy may just be the solution for re-energizing the marriage.

Health Benefits of Sex

Sex is beneficial for both men and women. In women, intercourse helps release the hormone oxytocin which endorses the feeling of affection and triggers that nurturing instinct. In men, it encourages the flow of testosterone; this hormone strengthens the bones and muscles and helps carry DHEA, which is a hormone that is important for the body’s immune system.

Regular sex in a loving relationship has similar benefits to exercise which can improve cholesterol levels and increase circulation. Men who have sex at least three times a week may reduce the risk of having prostate cancer.

Social Benefits of Sex

Sex within marriage can make you feel secure in a relationship and can make you feel content. A promiscuous relationship, on the other hand, can actually have the opposite effect by giving the sense of anxiety or fear to the individual.

Curiously, married men received higher performance ratings and faster promotion than unmarried males, based on the findings of U.S. Navy officials. In fact, married men also earn 22 percent more than their bachelor counterparts.

Marriage counselors and therapists encourage couples to engage in intimate activity as being close to your spouse eases worry and anxiety. Touching and cuddling have positive effects on the brain. In addition, sex can also boost self-esteem for the spouses and improve happiness in the marriage.

Couples who are having problems with intimacy should not be afraid to seek help. Qualified and experienced counselors and sex therapists can assist in overcoming challenges that may ruin a loving relationship.

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Althea Earwood is a Clinical Instructor at a medical university in San Francisco. Prior to this, she works as a nurse at a hospital in New Jersey.