All a Gardener Needs to Know about Pruning and Trimming

Posted on by Althea Earwood

trimmed down treesTrimming and pruning are necessary to keep your garden plants and trees looking great all the time. Novice gardeners need guidance to do this properly and safely. The following are some useful bits of information about these important gardening practices.

Pruning: Why It’s Done

Pruning is important in maintaining plants in landscaped gardens. It helps to tidy up dense hedges, control size, and maintain a plant’s form. It is also done in some plants to promote flowering and fruit development.

This practice is done not only for aesthetics, but also to promote plant health, adds Trees and shrubs’ dead or dying branches should be removed by pruning them. This is especially needed in plants whose parts are damaged due to disease, pest infestation, animals, or storm.

In trees, pruning is necessary to protect people and property from potential injuries and damages due to falling branches. Large dead branches are particularly dangerous. Branches hinder views and paths should also be pruned.

Trimming: How to Do It

The practice of trimming has the same goal as pruning – to remove unhealthy parts and alter their size and shape according to your requirements. Specialists in garden clean-up in Perth suggest using the right kind of tool to do it properly and effectively. For instance, hand pruners are effective for most of the fine work in hedge trimming. Serrated hedge shears work well for big branches while lopping shears are what you need when trimming thick ones.

When trimming your hedges into an even, straight shape for your garden boundaries, remove first the parts that are sticking out. Use strings as guide to trim sides evenly. Trim first the top part and work your way downward.

Timing is necessary in pruning and trimming your garden plants and trees. It helps to consult with your professional gardeners to know the best time to trim and prune. While a DIY solution is sometimes more practical, consider hiring a professional garden care or tree service to get major jobs done safely and effectively.

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