5 Electrical Safety Tips for Homeowners

Electrical AccidentWhile electricity is clean, efficient, instantly available to use and convenient, its use comes with various risks. For instance, according to the New Zealand Fire Service, about 10 percent of all fires in the country are caused by electrical accidents. Here are some tips to alert you to dangerous electrical problems that should be promptly fixed by a certified residential electrician to prevent accidents.

1. Know how old your home is.

You should beware of how old your house and its electrical system are. An electrical safety inspection by registered electricians in Wellington like can determine whether the electrical system can safely handle your home’s electrical load or it needs an update.

2. Know your home’s electrical panel.

Faulty electrical panels pose electrical hazards that could easily cause fires. Ascertain, through the help of your electrician, that your electric panel is a modern and safe brand. Also, regularly touch the panel and call a licensed electrician if it feels hot to your touch.

3. Check your outlets.

Your outlets should never feel hot to the touch, fail to hold plugs or seem loose on the wall. Replace faulty and two-pronged outlets with new three-pronged outlets. An electrician can also help you ascertain that your outlets especially those near water are up to code.

4. Be aware of common warning signs.

To avert electrical accidents, pay attention to common warning signs. These include flickering or dim lights, warm or hot appliances, a tingling feel upon touching appliances or fittings, frequent blowing of fuses or tripping of circuit breakers, damaged insulation and unusual smells or noises.

5. Invest in fire-retardant chemical extinguishers.

Electrical fires require fire-retardant chemical extinguishers. Keep such extinguishers on each level of your house. Make sure you know how to use these extinguishers safely and know when to replace them.

Remember that electrical repairs are inherently dangerous. Hire a licensed and trusted electrician when you need to ensure the electrical systems in your house are up to code, safe and working as needed. Electric appliances should also be serviced or repaired by certified technicians.

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